Project Submission

Submission form location:

Researchers – please note the changes in our submission procedure for billable research work.

All projects can be submitted here: Project Submission Form

Please read these instructions in detail before submitting your first project!

After submission your project will be queued for projection. Once the project is ready for pickup you will receive an email with pickup instructions. The most common reason for delayed project submissions are unshared project folders.

Please check you spam folder for Microsoft Power Automate messages!

If you need multiples of a part please indicate in the settings box. You can submit multiple files for multiple processes with one submission (for example, some files are FDM printed, some are laser cut).

See the following graphic for a breakdown of what settings are available at this time. Please note that specific colors or materials may be unavailable - we'll contact you if that is the case. Any information not provided will either be set to the indicated default value. If you have any questions please contact us via email.

Projects submitted to the Makerspace machine shop go through additional review and consultation steps before being made. We will reach out via email to discuss the project.

Please submit the following in a properly shared folder using the Project Submission Form linked at the top of the page:

  • All CAD Models (STEP preferred) and Assembly files showing parts. STL files are not usable.
  • Drawings of all parts to be machined with proper dimensions and tolerances. Please make sure drawings are clear and tolerances are reasonable (we recommend the tightest tolerance band being 0.010" (0.2mm)). Please consider looser tolerances where possible and identify critical dimensions on your drawing.
  • A detailed description of materials, hardware needed, and design intentions. Please indicate whether you have your own material.

Projects may need to be redesigned for feasibility - we recommend consulting with Makerspace staff early and often throughout the design and build process. Please consider the use of the Digital Fabrication tools the Makerspace offers (3d printers, laser cutters, etc) before moving to machined components - we may require prototypes before accepting a project. Parts outside of our capabilities may need to be sent to an outside manufacturing service. It may be necessary for us to re-evaluate mid-project if we encounter unexpected difficulties.

We encourage you to use standard hardware and fasteners - we typically will not make standard parts that can be purchased from a supplier such as McMaster Carr.

Turnaround time and the charge for raw materials and necessary hardware will be discussed and decided on a per-project basis. The machine shop is only for classwork and organization projects - all research projects will initially be referred to the RRC machine shop.

For file types please check under CAD AND FILETYPES.

We need the files for each job you submit to be put in a Box folder that is shared in a way that our staff can see the files. Box can be accessed here:

We suggest creating a "Makerspace" folder with sub folders for each submitted job

This is an example - click "Share this Folder" to get a link that can be inserted into the form. It MUST be set to either "People in your company" or "People with the link." Since any of our staff might access the files it cannot be invite-only.

Other file sharing services may work - Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. However the parts for one job should be in their own folder and should be publicly accessible using just the link.

Please make sure the files don't change, get hidden, or get removed before your job is completed! We may grab the files at any time after submission - even if you have not gotten confirmation emails yet.

If you get this screen when logging into Box click "Continue" - if you entered your ID and password correctly you will be taken to Box.

A CFOAP account number needs to be provided for billable projects. We do not accept any other form of payment. The minimum charge per project is $5.

We will estimate the cost before running the project. If the amount is below the approved cost we will run the project without waiting for approval. If the estimate is greater than the approved cost we will email the project submitter for approval before proceeding.