Flashforge Creator Dual

We have three Flashforge Creator Pro printers in the MakerSpace. They are dual extruder with a heated bed.

Currently tool paths are generated using Simplify3D saved to an SD card.

Extruder Temperature: 210 C

Build Plate Temperature: 60 C

Materials available:

The materials used for the Flashforge Creator Pro are the same used in the Dremel printers

  • Dremel PLA
    • Dremel Blue
    • Grass Green
    • Gold Medal
    • Electric Orange
    • Cotton White
    • Deep Black
    • Racecar Red
    • Purple Orchid
    • Silver Spoon
    • Natural White


  1. Power switch is on back of machine near power cable.
  2. Place the tape on top of the build plate. Unlike the Dremel printers, the bed does not come off.
  3. Load SD card into 3D printer. The SD card location is inside the printer, right behind the screen display.
  4. Select file to print.
  5. Wait for file to be printed. Percentage printed will be displayed on the front screen.
  6. Carefully remove the 3-D printed part. Do not attempt to remove the build plate. Unlike the Dremel printers, the bed does not come off.
  7. Replace tape if necessary.

Known issues:

  1. When loading your file to the SD card from the computer, it tends to take longer than when using the Dremel. Don’t take the SD card out of the computer right away. Wait until the message.
  2. Tape may adhere to part once removed from build plate.

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