Fusion3 Printers

Image of Fusion3 Printers


We have two Fusion3 printers (F400 and F410). They are specifically designed around a 0.8mm nozzle for printing large, strong parts very quickly.

While the parts print quickly there is a decrease in printing quality. This machine may not be suitable for all applications – our staff will help you determine if it is appropriate. Particularly supports don’t work as well at larger layer heights. Therefore care should be taken to eliminate overhangs so the part can print support free.


Parts that can be printed:

The build volume is roughly 14″x14″x12″.

The Fusion3 currently is set up to print with PLA. We are shopping around for vendors and may switch materials. Currently we are limited to parts that are less than 0.5 kg of plastic.

The printer uses Simplify3D for toolpath generation and we need STL files for printing.