Objet30 Prime


We have one Objet30 Prime printer at the MakerSpace. This printer works with Polyjet technology, which works by jetting tiny drops of liquid photo polymer and curing it with UV light.

Materials Available:

We currently have two different materials for the Objet 30 Prime, VeroClear (RGD-810) and VeroWhite (RGD-835).There is also a support matrix material that is removed in post processing. There is a significant cost to switching materials on the Objet so unless a specific material is justifiably needed we keep it running on whichever material is in the machine until it runs out.

Parts that can be printed:

The Objet software takes STL files. It automatically handles all aspects of object placement. There is an option between a glossy finish on top-facing surfaces or a consistent matte finish. The matte finish is default – ask staff for examples of glassy vs matte.

The build size on the Objet is 294 x 192 x 148.6 mm (11.57 x 7.55 x 5.85 inch) with layer heights that vary with material but are roughly 20μm.


Printing on the Objet is very expensive so it is only used for final prototypes and objects that require it. Staff will use their discretion when deciding what to print.