Image of Function Generator, Oscilloscope, and Power Supply Image of soldering station

We have two electronics areas open. The first is in the Fabrication Lab and the second is located in the Gallery.

Circuit assembly

We have several soldering irons for student use. They are all set to 750F and should not be changed. If you need a different tip ask staff for help as they are very fragile.
Additionally we have a hot air rework station for SMD components.
We have desolder braid for disassembly as well.

We also have a large number of tools including wire strippers, cutters, crimpers, holding jigs, and torches.

Materials available

We have basic PVC coated wire in many gauges, both stranded and solid core.
We provide solder and flux.

We do not provide electronic components. While we have some basic things students can use such as various resistors, capacitors, crimp terminals, and transistors we do not guarantee anything specific is in stock. It is expected that students are bringing their own components for projects.

Circuit analysis

We have many tools available to verify and test electronics

  • Power supply that can generate 0-6V @ 5A or -25 to +25V @ 1A
  • Digital Function Generator
  • Digital Oscilloscope
  • Fluke Multimeter
  • IR Thermometer
  • Logic analyzer
  • Wear glasses when soldering
  • Use the ventilation at all times when soldering or desoldering
  • All trash and scraps from soldering must go into the white trash receptacle on the bench
  • We use lead solder – the smoke is toxic. It cannot be overstated how important it is to use the ventilation systems provided. Ask staff for assistance.