Laser Cutter

  • Description:

We have one BOSSLASER HP2436 laser cutter at the MakerSpace. This Laser Cutter can cut different types of materials (read the list below) in different speeds and powers. The whole system consists of a Laser Cutter, a Compressor (located at the left), a Water Cooler (located at the right) and a fan (located at the back). The cutting tray is 24×36 inches long. There is also a additional rotary support that can be used to engrave cylindrical objets.

  • Materials

Although the list provided by BOSSLASER contains many types of materials, it will be only allowed to use materials that we already tested before. Those materials are: Acrylic,  Balsa Wood and Birch Plywood. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CUT MATERIALS OUT OF THIS LIST. Please contact one of the staff members for more details.

Suggestions to cut materials:

Acrylic: 35mm/s at 70% Power

Balsa Wood: 100mm/s at 25% Power

Birch PlyWood: 60mm/s at 60% Power

  • Important:

Always watch the machine while it is running! In case a fire starts, press the red emergency button on the machine. Make sure you follow the correct directions when setting up the machine.

Always keep the ALL PANELS closed when using the laser cutter.  The top is interlocked but the side panels are not.

  • Procedures: The process to use the laser cutter involves two steps: File Setup and Cutting:
File Setup: 
  1. Open Corel Draw application on the computer.
  2. On the application, you will be able to insert your files or make a drawing.
  3. Press the button on top middle and the drawing will be sent to BossLaser software automatically.
  4. At the BossLaser software, you will be able to choose the speed and power of the laser.
  5. Before you decide the speed and power of the laser, always refer at the test files for the material you want to cut. Greater speed normally requests more laser power. It varies for each kind of material.
  8. Press “Download” on the right side of the screen and name your file. The file will be automatically sent to the cutter.


  1. Turn the fan and the compressor on. Compressor can be set to 40psi, but also varies from materials.
  2. Place the material you want to cut inside the laser cutter.
  3. On the laser cutter display you will be able to move the laser using the arrows.
  4. Place the laser on top of the material and click Z/U and select Auto Focus.
  5. Click on File and select your file name. Your file drawing should appear on the display.
  6. Move the laser to the origin you decide, then press Origin and the location will be saved.
  7. Once you selected your origin, press Frame. The laser will then go around and give you a preview of where the laser will cut. In case you need to change the origin, repeat process 6.
  8. Press Start button and the laser will start running. If any fire starts, press the Emergency button.
  9. Once the cutting is done, remove all the parts from the tray.

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