Laser Cutter

  • Description:

We have one BOSSLASER HP2436 laser cutter at the MakerSpace. This Laser Cutter can cut and engrave a variety of materials. The bed is 24×36 inches long and the maximum cutting thickness is roughly 1/2 an inch – although we can accomodate objects that are much thicker.

The laser cutter is extremely fast compared to 3d printing and the parts are much stronger. It is to your benefit to use the laser when appropriate.


  • Materials

Although the list provided by BOSSLASER contains many types of materials, it will be only allowed to use materials that we already tested before. Those materials are: Acrylic,  Balsa Wood and Birch Plywood. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CUT MATERIALS OUT OF THIS LIST. Please contact one of the staff members for more details.


  • File types:

The laser uses vector information to cut. This is best done with DXF files exported from CAD or files drawn directly in CorelDRAW.


  • Important:

Always watch the machine while it is running! In case a fire starts, press the red emergency button on the machine. Make sure you follow the correct directions when setting up the machine.

Always keep the ALL PANELS closed when using the laser cutter.  The top is interlocked but the side panels are not.