Roland GS-24 Vinyl Cutter

Changing Material

1. Double click “Menu” then click enter to Unsetup

2. Push lever forward to unclamp rollers from material

3. Switch out material to new material of choice

4. Move rollers to position which is adequately spaced for material selection. The roller must be positioned on a white colored section.

5. Pull back lever

6. On display select the type of sheet you would like to load and click enter


CutStudio – Operate Roland vinyl cutter

CorelDraw – Bitmap editing

PhotoShop – Photo Editing


  • CorelDraw

1. Open CorelDraw and create a new page
2. Change the width of the paper to 22.5”
3. Import image and adjust the height of the paper accordingly to fit the image
4. Click on the image and click on Trace Bitmap
5. Navigate through the settings and sliders until satisfied with results
6. Once completed, press “R” icon on left hand side to proceed to CutStudio
1. Import text into CorelDraw, or type directly by clicking the text tool icon, “A”
2. Click the pick tool, the cursor icon, right-click on the text, then click “Convert to Curves”
3. On the right, below “Outline,” replace “None” with “Hairline”
4. Once completed, press “R” icon on left hand side to proceed to CutStudio

Before doing anything with CutStudio, select the type of sheet that will be used by cycling through the options on the screen of the Roland GS-24 Vinyl Cutter

  • CutStudio

1. Click on “Cutting”
2. Click “OK” on pop-up window

Pay attention to the vinyl cutter while it is being used
If there is any abnormalities during its operation such as weird noises, stop the vinyl cutter, and ask for assistance

Known Issues

When scanning for crop marks (i.e. printed corner dots) the vinyl cutter is sometimes thrown off by ambient light. This can be accommodated for by shading the scanner with your hand.

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