Web Submission Instructions

Submission form location:

Jobs can be submitted here: Makerspace Job Submission Form
Please read these instructions in detail before submitting your first job request!

After submission your job will be reviewed by a member of staff and either accepted or rejected. You will receive an email letting you know. Rejected jobs will have reasons included in the email.
Once approved your job will move into our queue to get made. The time it takes to get made will depend on machine and staff availability. We may prioritize some jobs over others.
When the job is completed you will get an email with instructions for how to pick the parts up. If there is a problem we will either email for clarification (small issue) or will reject the job and ask that you resubmit with redesigned files.

Job process and settings

If you need multiples of a part please indicate in the settings box. You can submit multiple files for multiple processes with one submission (for example, some files are FDM printed, some are laser cut).

See the following graphic for a breakdown of what settings are available at this time. Please note that specific colors or materials may be unavailable – we’ll contact you if that is the case. Any information not provided will either be set to the indicated default value. If you aren’t sure you can enter what information you have in the box and we can email to discuss what makes the most sense.

Demographic information

Please enter whether you are an undergraduate student, graduate student, or staff. This will be used for prioritizing jobs and billing.

Please enter what the job is for – if it is work assigned for a class, as part of a student organization, laboratory research, or a personal project. Our rules about allowed objects still apply.

Please let us know what class, student org, or lab the parts are for! If you work in a research lab please provide the lab, department, and professor. If you need a quote before we begin the job and bill your lab please indicate that.


For file types please check under CAD AND FILETYPES.

We need the files for each job you submit to be put in a Box folder that is shared in a way that our staff can see the files. Box can be accessed here: https://uofi.app.box.com.

We suggest creating a “Makerspace” folder with sub folders for each submitted job

This is an example – click “Share this Folder” to get a link that can be inserted into the form. It MUST be set to either “People in your company” or “People with the link.” Since any of our staff might access the files it cannot be invite-only.

Other file sharing services may work – Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. However the parts for one job should be in their own folder and should be publicly accessible using just the link.

Please make sure the files don’t change, get hidden, or get removed before your job is completed! We may grab the files at any time after submission – even if you have not gotten confirmation emails yet.

If you get this screen when logging into Box just click “Continue” – if you entered your ID and password correctly you will be taken to Box.