• The UIC Engineering Makerspace is primarily for current UIC College of Engineering Students and staff. We support coursework, Engineering student organizations, and Engineering research work.
  • When resources allow we assist researchers and staff from other UIC colleges as well – please contact us to discuss your project in advance.
  • Students completing coursework from other colleges at UIC are encouraged to visit the facilities in their college or the Digital Scholarship Hub in the Daley Library.
  • The Makerspace is not open to the general public but we can help on a very limited basis. If you are not affiliated with UIC please contact us to discuss your project in advance.



Projects submitted as assigned in courses where the submitter is currently enrolled are typically not billed. This does not include graduate or undergraduate research credit courses, which fall under research work. Projects with significant research lab involvement or projects that continue past the conclusion of the semester may be billed.

Engineering Student Organization Projects

Typically not billed.

Research and Lab Projects

Projects that contribute to a research project or are used in research facilities will be billed. These projects need to be submitted through the appropriate research submission form. Please provide a CFOAP number when submitting a project. We run tabs for research labs and bill monthly.


All submitted projects have a $5 minimum charge.

3D Printing (FDM)PLA $30/KG – EcoABS/PETG/Nylon $45/KG
3D Printing (Polyjet)$200/KG
Laser cutting (billed per square foot)Acrylic: 1/16″: $3, 1/8″: $6, 1/4″ $12 – Plywood: 1/8″: $3, 1/4″: $6 – Other materials: contact us
Vinyl cutting and large format printing$2/ft
Time (CNC milling, circuit assembly, design services)$38/hr
OtherPlease contact us


  • Safety – All users are expected to use proper personal protective equipment (PPE) that will vary depending on the activity. If you are unsure of what PPE is necessary consult staff. All users are required to report any injuries promptly.
  • Please do not prop open any doors – Do not let unknown people into the facility.
  • No common use tools or machines can leave the Makerspace.
  • Professional Behavior – Expected from all users of the Makerspace at all times. All university and campus rules must be followed.
  • No independent work – Do not work alone! Work can only be done during posted open hours. Certain areas require staff present. Some equipment requires specialized training.
  • Any staff member can stop unsafe or illegal behavior – This includes dangerous activities such as mixing chemicals or using tools in an unsafe way and includes activities happening in student org spaces.
  • We can limit material or machine use in certain circumstances.
  • All staff members have the authority to enforce these rules, including asking users to leave the facility. Be prepared to show your i-card to any staff upon request.