General Policies:

  • Safety First – Wear safety glasses when working with power tools, mills, sewing machines, soldering, gluing, and anything else where parts could come loose and fly. Everyone should be wearing glasses while people are working. When working with chemicals or Objet resins wear chemical goggles and gloves. Ask staff for assistance when in doubt about what protective gear to wear.
  • No tools or machines can leave the Makerspace (second floor of RRB). Ask staff before using tools in another room. It is your responsibility to return them to their proper place when you are done. Some tools and machines cannot be moved and must be used in their designated areas.
  • Use common sense. If it seems like a bad idea, then it probably is. If you’re not sure, don’t guess.
  • Clean up after yourself and others – as annoying as it is to pick up after others please leave the space cleaner than you found it.
  • No eating or drinking in the Fabrication Lab.
  • Do not use machines you haven’t been directly trained to use! Training on one machine does not confer access to other machines. While the internet is helpful and this website aims to cover the basics, “Figuring things out” is expensive and leads to machine damage. Our machines may not be configured the same as what you’ll find online and we may have special procedures that need to be followed.
  • We will stop production of any objects we deem to be a problem.
  • No independent work. Plan ahead for deadlines.
  • Priority for jobs is as follows: 
    • Class work
    • Student Org work
    • Research work is on a very limited basis and needs to be approved by the Associate Director.
    • Personal work is not allowed. Exceptions are made for small objects used for learning purposes on a case-by-case basis.
  • Objects are typically run first-come, first-serve We do, however, reserve the right to reorder things if it makes sense for timing and efficient machine usage. For instance pushing large jobs to run overnight while running shorter jobs during the day.
  • Always check machine pages for up-to-date information and machine-specific policies. Staff have the final word.
  • We are here to help you. However we are not here to make things for you. Designing and file generation is the responsibility of the user.
  • Safety Last and Always. We err on the side of safety. Follow staff instruction. If you have your own safety glasses you are welcome to bring and use them – subject to staff approval.