In-class presentation:

General Policies:
  • Safety  – All users are expected to use proper personal protective equipment (PPE) that will vary depending on the activity. If you’re unsure of what PPE is necessary consult staff.
  • Objects are typically run first-come, first-serve We do not have a queuing system of any kind. We reserve the right to make exceptions to this rule when necessary.
  • No tools or machines can leave the Makerspace (second floor of RRB). Ask staff before using tools in another room. It is your responsibility to return them to their proper place when you are done. Some tools and machines cannot be moved and must be used in their designated area. Do not store tools in lockers.
  • Professional Behavior is expected from all users of the Makerspace at all times. Access to the Makerspace can be revoked.
  • Clean up after yourself – Return tools to their proper place. Do not leave trash.
  • No food or drinks near machines.
  • We will stop production of any objects that are dangerous to machines or people.
    • If printed parts are failing we will stop the machine. We will restart if we believe the problem can be corrected at the machine level but if there are design changes necessary we will not restart the print.
    • No weapons or drug paraphernalia.
    • Toy or prop replica weapons are typically not allowed; however, in limited cases they may be allowed – consult with staff.
  • No independent work. Work can only be done during open, staffed hours. No overnight work.
  • Staff can stop unsafe behavior. This includes dangerous activities such as mixing chemicals or using tools in an unsafe way.
  • There are no official material use limits. We do reserve the right to limit material or machine use in extreme circumstances. Certain machines may have limits above which projects need special approval. See staff for details.
  • Priority for projects is as follows: 
    • Class work
    • Student Org work
    • Research work is on a very limited basis and needs to be approved by staff.
    • Personal work is generally not allowed. Exceptions are made for small projects used for learning purposes depending on circumstances.
  • We are here to help you. However we are not here to make things for you. Designing and file generation is the responsibility of the user.
  • All staff members have the ability to enforce these rules! If you want to appeal a decision please speak with graduate student workers or full-time staff.